"This isn't your normal gym, it's a family! OTz is a great workout for any age, I love it!! The coaches there are wonderful and always encourage and motivate you. The members are all encouraging and motivators as well. I can't say enough good things about this gym, coaches and members. We are family and would love for you to join us. #otzfamily #iainttired" 

​-Melanie Fordham

"I started the OTz program more than a year ago. The program changed my life, as well as my level of fitness. I started OTz in August of 2015, and I thought at the time that I would not physically be able to do this type of work out. I was totally wrong. It is something anyone can do because it can be modified to your fitness level. It’s difficult, yet addictive. It’s an exercise regimen you love to hate. I have seen huge differences in my strength and endurance and have noticed lots of muscle definition and tone. I just celebrated my 53rd birthday, and I can honestly say that because of a year and a half of OTz, I am stronger and in the best physical shape of my life.”

​-Kelley Crumbley

Stories, Testimonies and Reviews from our Complex Family

"Awesome!!!! Need I say more? Great atmosphere,Great training for all ages. Me my wife and my sons all go here. And last GREAT COACHES from top to bottom. Come check it out and get your work on...#Iain'ttired #OTzlife#wrestlingparentlife!!!!!"

​-Brad Loftin

"Wonderful wrestling program! The fitness classes they have for kids and adults are a great addition to this all around fitness facility. The family friendly atmosphere is what makes us keep coming back. The Complex Training Center is run by some outstanding coaches. Definitely recommend everything they have to offer."

​-Sean McKinley

"I enjoy the atmosphere. While I am working out my boys can be at their wrestling practice! I love that we can workout as a family!"

​-Amanda Sheffield

"​​This is THE BEST work out there is ya'll!!! It is such a positive environment with the perfect amount of grit and encouragement!! OTz training is perfect for the whole family and meets each person at their comfort level! Could not have prayed for a better group of coaches and people to work out with!! Great job guys, keep it up! *We ain't tired *"

​-Heather Kirby

"It is great and run by two dedicated men that will get you in shape real fast and also teach the kids respect." 

-Blake Rice 

"The Complex helped my son, Jarrett, improve his athletic ability and mental focus, and is directly responsible for his current career in college football."
“If it wasn’t for OTz, and the Complex, my son wouldn’t be competing in Division I football right now. The way they approach the combination of body and mind helped him tremendously. They are very creative with their workouts. Matt put 18 pounds on Jarrett in less than 6 months before going to play football at Western Kentucky.
“I signed him up for the Complex to help him get in better shape for wakeboarding. He’s an 8-time state champ in wakeboarding. That’s how it started, and it evolved from there. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve spent money on lots of football camps and wakeboarding camps, and the best money I’ve ever spent was at the Complex.”

-Craig Sippola

"There's no place like The Complex!! I love all our coaches who cover a range of areas - nutrition, muscle building, weight loss/gain, sports training, cardio, and training safety!! The OTz workout is a tough workout, challenging, and fun!! Great atmosphere, and all the Complex members help and encourage each other!! Family friendly, and OTz is for all ages - work out with the kids!! #Familytime #SetTheExample #HealthyForLife Bombdiggity!!!"

-Angie Loftin