Angie Sippola

Registered Nurse and Certified OTz Coach

As a Registered Nurse and mother of three boys Angie continues to stay busy, but she has never been too busy to stay in shape. Angie has always been an avid runner and loves to be outdoors kayaking and riding her bike.  In 2014 Angie joined Wynter, along with their sons in their first ever OTz class.  They certainly couldn’t be “shown up” by their boys, as Angie worked through each round, she immediately loved the workout.  As she continued to take classes, train and learn the ins and outs of what OTz was all about she turned those hours into a certification and became the next female OTz Coach alongside Wynter and joined our Complex team.  Although Angie loves to coach, she’d rather be taking the class on any given day.  She starts each class coaching our 10-minute warm-up and fills in as a substitute coach as needed.  She is an amazing motivator and strongly encourages all women to make time for themselves and learn to stay fit and healthy. 

Torrie Boyd 

S.M.A.R.T. Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and Certified OTz Coach

Torrie is a certified OTz Coach and S.M.A.R.T. personal trainer who's also a competitive bodybuilder.  Torrie began his fitness journey in 2008 after being dissatisfied with living an unhealthy lifestyle. After 3 months of training and eating healthy, he saw amazing results and entered his first bodybuilding competition where he placed 5th in his weight class. He continued to compete and build his physique and competed again in 2014 in the NPC USA Coastal where he placed 2nd in the heavy weight class.  In 2015, Torrie was introduced to OTz and continued to train with their Coaches.  He quickly adapted to the change of pace and the differences OTz offered as a workout regimen compared to other workouts using traditional equipment.  Within his first year, he received his OTz Coaching certification and joined our team.  Torrie has a passion for helping clients reach their fitness and nutritional goals.

DeWayne Crowder

Certified Personal Trainer and OTz Coach

DeWayne Crowder, US Navy Veteran, has 8 years of coaching experience in sports and fitness.  With his love for fitness and curiosity he tried OTz and knew immediately he wanted to join the Complex team.  After several long months and 100+ hours of training, DeWayne was certified and joined our OTz Coaching family in October 2016 and has been coaching since.  He is GHSA certified and currently coaches Football and Baseball at Carrollton High School.  He is also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with IFA (International Fitness Association).  DeWayne brings a wide range of sports specific training to the Complex, including strength, conditioning, speed and agility for both baseball and football.  DeWayne’s experience and participation in 10 different Mud Runs is an awesome asset to the Complex as he trains and encourages multiple clients to reach their full potential. 

Nick Voiles

Wrestling Coach

Nick started wrestling at age 4 and it became the main focus for him growing up. With a great set of parents who supported him and pushed him in the right direction, he was able to stay focused on his specific wrestling goals throughout his entire wrestling career. He worked hard and was dedicated to the sport and, in time, was able to achieve three USA State Championships and four USA State Placements.  When he went on to high school, his goals for wrestling remained the same and his drive and determination was even stronger.  Nick, once again, achieved great status in his weight class as a two-time State runner up.  As a senior in high school, Nick interned with the Complex as an assistant wrestling coach.  By the end of the 2017 wrestling season, Nick became a permanent part of our team.  As he coaches our kids USA Wrestling Team, it shows just how much he enjoys the sport and helping kids reach their full potential and their goals. 

Wynter McKinley, Fitness Director

Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and OTz Coach

Wynter brings a large variety of fitness experience to the Complex.  Since 2005, Wynter has been actively weight lifting and training in the gym and continues daily to work on her personal fitness goals.  She acquired such a love for fitness that in 2011 she became a certified group fitness instructor, certified personal trainer and earned her certification in Sports Nutrition with IFA (International Fitness Association).  Throughout her fitness career, she has worked with and trained all ages from small kids to adults, including her own two children who are both competitive fighters in wrestling and martial arts.  In 2014 she joined the Complex team of trainers as their first female OTz coach and introduced OTz to adults and the general public in the West Georgia area.  As the obesity rates and related health issues in Carroll County continue to grow, Wynter has made it one of her personal goals to educate and encourage children and adults of all ages to exercise and stay active while learning how to make healthy life long changes.  

Matt Young, OTz Owner

Certified Personal Trainer, OTz Coach, Wrestling Coach

Matt always had a love for fitness and wrestling.  While attending Bremen High School from 1987 to 1990 Matt was a two-time wrestling state placer.  While being a wrestler himself and observing wrestlers during over-time matches, Matt recognized the wrestler with the best conditioning won.  He developed a rigorous workout for the wrestlers to guarantee they remain stronger and in better condition by increasing their stamina.  In 2005, Matt originally created the OTz (Over-time) workout for wrestlers who reached that over-time period.  OTz has grown from the sport of wrestling to football, baseball, lacrosse and many other sports.  In July 2013 he, along with Trey Travis and Alex Eriquezzo opened the Complex Training Center.  By 2014 OTz was offered as an all-around fitness program for various ages and fitness levels.  Matt has a great passion to help people improve themselves, both physically and spiritually.  Matt focuses on character and hard work ethic for success in life.

Trey Travis, Complex Training Center Owner

Wrestling Coach 

From his first day on the wrestling mat, Trey knew he wanted to “reach for state!”  With his determination, and the help of his strength and conditioning coach Matt Young, Trey was a state placer from 2007 to 2008, in 2009 and 2010 a State Champion.  Trey lettered four years in a row at Bremen High School and in both 2009 and 2010 he help the team win their team dual championships.  In 2011, he went on to wrestle for Darton College as a 133lb starter, he then qualified for the NJCAA Nationals.  From 2012 to 2014 Trey attended Auburn University where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. 

With the love of wrestling still running through his veins Trey wanted to help the West Georgia area build a stronger and larger local wrestling program.  In July 2013, Trey, Alex Eriquezzo and Coach Matt Young opened the Complex Training Center, today he and Matt continue to grow strong and build an outstanding community of wrestlers. 


Our faith based, all-purpose training facility, has a one-of-a-kind program that accommodates people of all backgrounds and age groups. The program, known as OTz, is gaining notoriety as an inclusive, focused training regimen that has yielded outstanding results for participants.  The OTz program is built around a fitness method first developed for a local high school wrestling team.​ The gym originally opened as a facility that worked with young wrestlers to help develop skills and technique, as well as increase physical fitness.

The Complex was established in 2013 as a means to serve young athletes.​  We started The Complex to help build the sport of wrestling and give other athletes the wrestling training experience.  Any athlete who undergoes wrestling conditioning can get better and strengthen their abilities for any other sport. It’s extremely intense, and you have to be in peak physical condition to be competitive in the sport of wrestling.

​Trey Travis and Matt Young had a vision to use the physical conditioning style they had learned as a prep athlete to help adults achieve their own fitness goals. We’re not just a wrestling facility anymore, we’re an all-purpose, all-athlete training center that can help anyone increase their level of physical fitness.  We still hold wrestling clinics, and training camps, but we are now open to a wider audience to include other sports such as baseball, football, lacrosse, softball, volleyball, wakeboarding, weight lifting, and so much more. 

Trey's high school wrestling team used OTz, the fitness regimen developed by Coach Matt Young. Their head coach, Tony Armas, had so much confidence in the regimen, that he devoted the physical conditioning portion of his practice time to Coach Young.”

We think of the Complex as a "garage gym", because of the non-traditional equipment and how our workouts are created by our staff, based on everyday movements people do. Our team of Certified Personal Trainers and Coaches look to help strengthen and increase endurance in our clients and members so they can perform better in whatever area they aim to improve.

One thing that sets our gym apart from other training facilities in the west Georgia area is that we allow children under the age of 12 to come in, and workout.  We have a lot of parents that bring their children in, and the whole family gets to exercise. It’s really a great way to get in shape while having fun quality family time.

Ryan Gallo​

Wrestling Coach

In his hometown of Mesa, Arizona, Ryan started wrestling in the 3rd grade.  He continued wrestling through the years of grade school and by the time he was in High School, Ryan’s High School team was a two-time D1 Sectional and National Champion.  In those years, he became a two-time individual State Placer and in 2014 an Individual State Champion.  Soon after High School, Ryan started coaching wrestling to children as young as 5 to 18 years of age.  After years of wrestling and coaching in Arizona, Ryan moved to Kentucky to attend Saint Catherine College where he continued to wrestle.  When he moved to Georgia in 2017, he heard about The Complex Training Center.  After visiting the facility a few times and talking to the other coaches there, Ryan immediately wanted to encourage and share his love of wrestling to our kids and get back into coaching.  Ryan is an asset to our team of coaches, his heart for wrestling shows as he works with our kids, teaching them new techniques and assists them as they grow in the sport of wrestling.

Grant McKinley

Certified Personal Trainer, OTz and Agoy Coach

Grant started wrestling at the age of 11 and with a great support system behind him, he quickly became a determined athlete and a strong competitor on and off the mat. Over the years Grant has always been around competitive athletes with his aunt being a body builder and his mom weightlifting since 2005. He joined The Complex Training Center as a student athlete in 2013 with the goal of becoming an even stronger wrestler. There, he met the most influential coaches of his wrestling career, Matt Young and Trey Travis, who taught him the importance of dedication and hard work. At the age of 16, Grant began interning with the Complex as an Otz coach. As a senior in high school, Grant became a permanent coach at The Complex. Grant is not only passionate about his own health and well-being, but about the health of every single individual he coaches. He is committed to helping people reach their full potential and goals. 

Kelley Crumbley

Support Coach

Kelley is full time grandma (aka Lali) to 3 energy filled grand babies. These kiddos and working with her husband in Mission work keeps her plenty busy.  However working out and trying to stay healthy is her “me” time.  While living in Mexico she began working out religiously and continued when they moved back to Carrollton. She began doing OTz in August of 2015 and fell in love with the workout. She has become our number one fan and hardly ever misses a class. She has put in countless hours doing this workout that she loves and has become so familiar with it that she fills in for our coaches when needed.  She is also very good at welcoming new comers and guiding them through their first few classes along side the coach.  She aspires to one day become certified in OTz and maybe even group fitness. In the mean time she will continue to be a support coach and help out in any way she can.